Nutrition Online Degree – Career Prospects of Online Nutrition Master Degrees

Getting a nutrition online degree can lead you to a career as a dietitian, nutrition director or related food and health careers.

The coursework covered usually includes nutrition basics, disease prevention by nutrition, nutrition therapy, holistic human development, antioxidants, natural health remedies and treatment, weight management and more.

With more and more people taking an interest in their health and buying natural products, dietary products are a huge blooming industry these days and many companies need to hire nutrition graduates to provide opinions and advice to their products.

Nutrition science is still a relatively new field and thus the number of job opportunities is still limited. However, this industry is growing rapidly and many health companies and hospitals are in need of dietitians to take care of your products or patient dietary requirements.

Average Salary Of Online Nutrition Degree Graduate

It is rather difficult to determine the average salary of an online nutrition degree graduate but does provide some guidelines on what you can expect to earn if you decide to pursue this field of study.

For a entry level nutrition & diet technician, the average annual salary is about $30,000. For higher and more experienced positions such as a nutrition director, you can expect to earn about $67,000 per annum.

Since nutrition is a highly specialized field of study, you can expect a good salary even if you are just a graduate.

Which universities offer online nutrition degrees?

Since nutrition and diet is a specialized and new field of study, there aren’t many courses available at this moment. However, there are a few colleges and university which offers nutrition study courses.

For example, Penn Foster career school has a human nutrition course available. DeVry University, AIU online, Strayer University online and Colorado Technical University also offers online nutrition bachelor degrees as well.

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